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A digital orthophotos are computer-generated images of aerial photographs in which displacements caused by camera tip and tilt and terrain relief have been corrected and geo-referenced These images are now fully scaleable and can be used, depending on resolution, in analysis for very small areas as in high accuracy mapping or for planning preliminary engineering studies and, or designs.Typically an ortho image is prepared so that each pixel represents 0.25, .0.50, 1.0 or 2.0 feet of resolution.
Digital orthophotos have gained wide acceptance with planners, engineers, tax assessors, designers, public utilities, and GIS specialist.

Aerotech supplies digital orthophotography in black & white, color, or false color Infra Red in TIF format. These images can be vied and analyzed in AutoCAad, ArcInfo, ArcView, MicroStation and other CAD and GIS software.

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