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As a full service photogrammetric firm Aeroteech works closely with our clients to provide.

  • Analytical Aerial Triangulation
  • Control Layout / Control Surveys
  • Digital Orthophotos
  • Flight Planning / Aerial Photography
  • High Accuracy Mapping
  • Project Planneing / Scheduling / Management
  • Topographic Mapping


Our staff of technitians and mapping professionals are thoroughly trained, experienced and highly motivated. We work closely with our clients beginning with the project planning phase through delivery of the final product.

Medium scale mapping, usually 1=80 to 1=200, is used for GIS projects, taxmapping, planning, preliminary design, feasibilty studies and flood zone determination. Topography is normally shown with a 2 or 5 contours.

Large scale mapping, usually 1=20, 1=30, 1=50 and 1=60, is preferred by architects and engineers for the disign of projects whee precise topographic information is needed for the calculation of design grades and for the preparation of accurate quantities for cost estimates.

High accuracy mapping is used for projects where precise topographic information is critical to the design process and the data cannot easily be obtained by traditional field survey methods. Typical uses for high accuracy mapping include areas such as bridge and highways where traffic conditions make it dangerous for field personnel and lane closures would create traffic jams; and airport runways and taxiways where air traffic limits the efficiency of field personnel.

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