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LIS/GIS technology touches every aspect of our lives, yet may people have never heard of it.

Communities manage infrastructure and real property using GIS. It is used to plan routes for the school buses that pick up our children, it is used for the 911 system, fire departments use it to keep track of hazardous materials, utility companies use it to inventory assets and locate facilities in the service calls are needed.  (and the list goes on)

Aerotech provides support services for LIS/GIS projects to end users and GIS implementation firms.

Our services include:

  • Planimetric/Topographic Base Maps - community wide mapping used as the base for the geographic location of data
  • Digital Orthophotos - used as a base for GIS data or to update GIS base maps
  • Utility Research - Assemble and index and scan utility records, plans and service cards for integration to the GIS database
  • Field Location - Locate and identify infrastructure hardware by GPS methods
  • Heads up Digitizing - Digitize data from record plans or survey drawings to update GIS base maps
  • Data Base Design - Create data fields to correctly integrate existing map data into the GIS
  • Digital Photography - Provide digital photos of assets that can be linked to the GIS base maps
  • Scanning Services - Scan documents, plans and maps for storage and automated retrieval or to link to GIS base maps
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