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Aerotech offers digitizing and scanning services for:

  • Conversion of existing & historical hard copy drawings to CAD
  • Input of data to LIS/GIS
  • Archiving, management and retrieval of data


Selective data can be digitized manually from drawings or plot to AutoCAD, MicroStation or ArcInfo. It is cost effective for the input of a limited number of sheet or data sets. It is also better suited for conversion to CAD when data must be converted into intelligent vectors, symbols and/or where 3D data is available and simple image files will not do or when hard copy is so detailed that editing an image files would be cost prohibited.


Auto feed page size scanners or large format color scanners capable of handling drawings 42 wide handle large volumes of drawings such as;

  • Design Drawings
  • Customer/Location Cards
  • Tax Maps


Data management software is used to index drawing and records for archiving and quick retrival Drawings and records can also be goe referenced and linkd to LIS/IS systems;


  • Preserves paper record drawings.
  • Enables restoration of historical plans and drawings.
  • Allows quick retrieval and viewing.
  • Frees up valuable floor space for productive uses.
  • Eliminates destruction of record documents by fires  or floods.
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