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High quality precision aerial photography is essential to every mapping project whether it’s for mapping, digital orthos, photo interpretation, the sciences or the preparation of enlargements
Aerotech provides all the essentials necessary for a successful photo mission from the initial flight layout to the final delivery of the photo products.More0409

Types of Photography

Aerotech provides three types of aerial photography.

Pin Point Spot Shots - A single vertical aerial photo of a site usually taken for planning or presentation purposes or to document construction sites.More0409

Stereo Image Photography - Normally flown with 60% forward lap and 30% side lap. This photography is used for mapping and photo interpretation purposes.More0409

Oblique Photography - Photography if a site taken along an angle between the horizontal and vertical axis.  This photography is used for architectural studies, construction progress work and real estate. More0409

Photo missions are flown with turbo charged Piper Aztec and Navajo aircraft with a maximum ceiling of 22,000 feet.
Photography for high accuracy mapping is flown by helicopter or an aircraft using a camera with a 12” lens.

All vertical aerial photography is flown with a calibrated, cartographic camera, equipped with Forward Motion Compensation and GPS receivers.

Aerotech uses Kodak B&W, color and false color infrared film.


Aerotech can deliver a wide variety of photo products including:
Contact Prints - a print made from direct contact of the medium with the negative.
Film Diapositives - a positive photo graph on a transparent medium.
Photo Enlargements - an enlargement of a portion, or the entire negative, to a maximum size of 50” x 96”.  The enlargement can be by conventional or digital methods.
Digital Image - the photo image scanned to a high resolution and delivered as a.jpg or .tif image.

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