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Aerotech corp.,throughout itís history has been called upon to lend our expertise to some very unique and high profile projects; many of them having very demanding production schedules.

Whether an aerial mapping or surveying project, or a project involving both disciplines, our team of professionals has responded to the needs of our clients. We are proud that client satisfaction has resulted in repeat assignments from more than 90% of them.

Four Certified Photogrammetrists with a total of 125 years of experience and two Professional Surveyors with a total of 45 years of experience lead our team The average length of service for our employees is 14 years.

Experience, has shown us that working closely and maintaining open channels of communication with the client, provides us with a thorough of understanding of the project in order to offer innovative and successful solutions.


Unique Projects Done

  • The Central Artery - Boston, MA  Central Artery
  • Harvard University - Cambridge, MA   Harvard University
  • US Routes 1 & 9 - North Bergen, NJ   US Route 7
  • Massachusetts Airports   47 Airports
  • J.F.K. International Airport - Queens, NY  More0403
  • Vertical Access Shaft Layout - providenceís CSOTunnel  More0403
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  • Navigation Aid Location - Fuller Rock Light - Providence River   More0403
  • Survey for Lead Abatement - US Naval Submarine Base Groton, CT   More0403
  • Woonasquatucket River Interceptor Relief Project - Providence, RI  More0403

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